Kid Friendly

Don’t Touch The Sifted Flour!

What is it with kids wanting to touch the flour, LOL? Maybe it’s just my kids but every time I sift the flour they have to touch my light and airy mountain! I guess it’s all part of the experience. I’ve created 3 kid foodies and I can’t turn on my mixer without anyone noticing, which is sincerely a good thing.

Since my oldest was just 2 years old I would plop him on the counter and include him in my baking or cooking endeavor. There is something special about sharing the kitchen with my children and I felt compelled to blog about it. For me it stems from my own experience I had with my mom in the kitchen. I have fond memories of homemade bread being prepared and left in a large wooden bowl to rise, cookies being baked, and watching Julia Child with my mom. Oh I can’t forget my favorite part, being the taste tester, which is really every child’s favorite part.

I really wanted to share my love of baking with my children and create memories for them as well. My 3 year old is very adamant about being involved in anything I make. He loves to lock the mixer in place for me and loves to add ingredients. He recently decided he was going to be a Chef when he grows up. My 7 year old daughter is ready to bake on her own at this point and I just need to step out of the way. Now my oldest is 10 and although he may not want to join in with me as often as he used to, maybe a little too cool to cook with mommy now, he is sure to show up for a taste test. He is more interested in the gas stove so I’m teaching him to scramble eggs. I think it is important to teach young males how to cook a thing or two in the kitchen. I’m sure his future wife will thank me for this  :-). For 8 years I’ve been sharing the kitchen with my children and I pray that they too will have fond memories of us baking together. What I’ve learned is to just let my children touch the flour.

Note: Baking with your children can be a great learning tool as well! We homeschool our children and I use every opportunity to teach them something new. They can learn about volume, weight, and health.

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