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    My Favorite Muffin Threesome – Chocolate Chips, Zucchini, and Orange

    I’ve been making muffins for my family for almost 10 years now and the one recipe that I can’t keep little hands off of is my recipe for Chocolate Chip Zucchini Orange Muffins. Today my kids ate 3 each throughout the day and I’m sure if I didn’t stop them they would’ve eaten them until they got sick. This guilt free, kid friendly recipe has made it to the top of our favorite muffins list.

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    Valentine Heart Cake Pops

    Valentine’s Day is almost here! I was inspired to make Heart Cake Pops this year after seeing all the wonderful  Cake Pops on Bakerella’s website. This was my first attempt at making cake pops and it was a learning process but well worth the end result. Two things I learned in the the process was that if you are going to make shaped cake pops such as hearts like I did you definitely need to make them thick enough for the lollipop stick  to insert into without the cake pop falling apart. I made mine about 3/4″ thick and they really needed to be at least 1 inch thick or…

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    Don’t Touch The Sifted Flour!

    What is it with kids wanting to touch the flour, LOL? Maybe it’s just my kids but every time I sift the flour they have to touch my light and airy mountain! I guess it’s all part of the experience. I’ve created 3 kid foodies and I can’t turn on my mixer without anyone noticing, which is sincerely a good thing. Since my oldest was just 2 years old I would plop him on the counter and include him in my baking or cooking endeavor. There is something special about sharing the kitchen with my children and I felt compelled to blog about it. For me it stems from my own…