• Scones

    Mini Vanilla Bean Scones

    I love the petite vanilla bean scones offered at Starbucks. Even better, they sell them in sets of three for a discount but I tend to run into a little problem each time that leaves me empty handed. I’ll order one set of three, hand them back to a pair of hands ready for the sweet vanilla bean goodness, who then passes out the other two, and poof they are gone. I end up wondering why I didn’t just order four in the first place. Solution. Make my own!

  • Cookies

    Vanilla Bean Sugar Cookies

    I’ve been searching high and low for a vanilla bean cookie recipe to make so that I could try out some of my recently purchased vanilla bean paste. I can’t believe how long I’ve let it just sit in my baking drawer unused! I ended up finding a recipe on where else, Allrecipes. Did I ever mention why I love sites like Allrecipes? Well first off I’m a review-aholic and when I go on the hunt for a new recipe I love to read several reviews on it before making it. Now that I’ve found so many wonderful food blogs I can say that a photograph speaks just as loud…