• Kid Friendly,  Muffins

    My Favorite Muffin Threesome – Chocolate Chips, Zucchini, and Orange

    I’ve been making muffins for my family for almost 10 years now and the one recipe that I can’t keep little hands off of is my recipe for Chocolate Chip Zucchini Orange Muffins. Today my kids ate 3 each throughout the day and I’m sure if I didn’t stop them they would’ve eaten them until they got sick. This guilt free, kid friendly recipe has made it to the top of our favorite muffins list.

  • Scones

    Orange Cream Scones

    I love scones and I wanted to make some with a light orange flavor. I found a great recipe to start with and then got a little creative. The original recipe calls for sour cream and I decided to replace the sour cream with an orange cream yogurt. I also added orange extract and the zest of one orange. This time around I used a round cookie cutter instead of cutting into triangles. I sprinkled them with sanding sugar and later added an orange glaze. They turned out light, fluffy, and had a great orange flavor. Enjoy with a hot cup of tea or coffee. Next time I may add mini…

  • Brownies

    Paula Deen’s Orange Brownies

    Ok, you all know how Paula Deen loves to add a lot of butter to her recipes, lol. She didn’t hold back on the butter with this recipe! The original recipe calls for 2 sticks of butter and whenever a recipe calls for more than one stick of butter I cringe. I couldn’t resist trying her recipe for Orange Brownies so I decided to go with my instinct and cut the butter in half. I also noticed that the recipe called for 2 cups of sugar so I decided to cut that in half too. Then I read some reviews and reduced the amount of eggs.

  • Muffins

    Cranberries, Chocolate, and Orange Oh My!

    Last year my sister-in-law shared a recipe with me that involved cranberries. Now I’m not a huge fan of cranberries but I am a huge fan of chocolate chips and orange zest so I was intrigued with the recipe and thought I should give it a try. Well I didn’t get a chance to make it during Christmas 2008 but this year when my sister-in-law visited we decided to make it. I have already made it a second time! So you know what that means, it was delicious!