• Scones

    Key Lime Scones

    Do you ever feel like you just came up with a recipe that no one ever thought of, only to google it and find out its been made in several variations? LOL, that’s me all the time. I still have hope that I will come up with a really unique recipe that no one has ever thought of. Back to the scones…These turned out delicious, refreshing, and exactly how I envisioned them! The glaze gives it that zip and just rounds out the whole scone with each bite. Don’t let this recipe pass you up if you love the flavor of key limes or citrus. Enjoy!

  • Bars

    Key Lime Bars With A Gingersnap Crust

    Just last week a new Sprouts Farmers Market came to Sunnyvale, CA (my home town) and I was so excited to attend the Grand Opening. I packed up all the kids in the car early on the day of it’s grand opening and we headed to Sunnyvale. One word to describe the store on that day was “chaos”. I basically walked through the outer rim of the store with all 3 kids walking like ducklings behind me ;-), briefly looked at some of the goodies in the middle aisles, and then headed for the exit. I should’ve known that it would be a mad house. Well on that short excursion…